The Social Intrapreneur’s Journey: Part 2 [Infographic]


You know you want to make a difference.  You see yourself as a Social Intrapreneur. What next? Here’s how to make it happen.


Following on from our Infographic ‘The Social Intrapreneur’s Journey: Part 1‘, we’re excited to share The Social Intrapreneur’s Journey: Part 2 – How to make it happen.

We’ve spent some time working through the main things that will help you.  Where to start, what to expect, watch outs and tools that will help you on your journey to creating value as well as profit in your organisation.

You can also download the PDF version, where you will find links to the useful resources and support mentioned in the infographic.

If it is useful to you – please share, share, share!  We need more Intrapreneurs in the world, helping to create greater meaning in their work and social value alongside profit.




VIEW AS PDF – Social Intrapreneur Journey Infographic Part 2
If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out The Social Intrapreneur’s Journey: Part 1‘.

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