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The Social Intrapreneur’s Journey: Part 1 [Infographic]


What is really involved in becoming a Social Intrapreneur?

It’s not always obvious, so we have developed this infographic to help you understand if becoming a Social Intraprenuer, or indeed an Social Entrepreneur is for you.  And what that really means.

You can also download the PDF version, where you will find links to the useful resources and support mentioned in the infographic.

If it is useful to you – please share, share, share!  We need more Intrapreneurs in the world, helping to create greater meaning in their work and social value alongside profit.

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5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Two. Pathway of Talent


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“Very few people can actually treat an adult as an adult.  I treat everyone in my company as an adult.” Charles Maisel

Following on from our first post, Pathway of Concern, today we’re going to take a look at the Pathway of Talent.

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