At MyImpact, we create links and connections every day.

Meaning we can quickly put like-minded people and organisations in touch.



To tend to our customers’ needs in the best way possible, we work with excellent service providers with whom we share values, professional approach and passions.


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Fehr Advice offers consulting services based on scientific insight from leading behavioral economics. They support organisations in making better and thus more sustainable strategic decisions.

Together we can lead through complex change processes in organisations – taking into account people and facts.


Mavia is specialised in working with individuals and organisations who look for opportunities to make a real difference through philanthropy or social investments. Together, we offer services across all sectors (incl. foundations and non-profit organisation) and impact areas to generate values for individuals, organisations and society.

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Specking + partners engages with wealthy individuals, families, family offices, charitable structures, corporations and organisations to establish innovative ways of integrating long term sustainable practices into their private and/or business routine.

Together we offer advisory services that cover a wide range of issues and solutions in the broader sustainability space. 



We collaborate with our key wider-networks to deliver joint initiatives and share knowledge and resources.


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A Journey to People who are Changing the World – and what we can learn from them.  The Future Makers is a book by Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska and Wolfgang Hafenmayer, telling the diverse stories of people from around the globe who have made a sustainable mark on the world through their careers.  Read about them at

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Öbu is the Swiss business network for sustainability. Joanna is a member of the board and driving Öbu’s strategy to establish a Think Tank/Forum on the Future of Business.

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Joanna was selected a First Mover Fellow by the Aspen Institute as an exceptional business innovator, integrating profitability and social value in companies. Within that program and from the valued input of the expert and fellows network, she developed the Responsible Corporate Leadership (RECOL) Forum.



We have been involved with the HUB since its beginnings, as a member of the HUB association and in joint activities, for example within the Match Me Up programme.

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At the Responsible Corporate Leadership (RECOL) Forum we convene a group of leading companies to exchange experience on development programs and to inspire other companies through our insight.




BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise providing a Capability Program to European managers who learn to conceptualize, setup and implement a social business from scratch in Mongolia or Cambodia. MyImpact co-designed the program and Joanna is working with the teams as a business and leadership coach.