Meaningful Careers in Social Entrepreneurship





With passion almost tangible, the entrepreneurial environment is vibrating. Impact first and with full focus on changing the world – the field of Social Entrepreneurship offers great opportunities to realise truly meaningful careers.

But what does social entrepreneurship really mean? What does it take to be one or work for one?


First, define yourself

Before you take the leap, you don’t necessarily need an amazing idea, the next big thing or a desire to run a business.  You just need clarity of your strengths, your values and your personal journey.

If you want to work in this environment, you need to know what it is that you deeply care about.  Then, along with a huge dose of enthusiasm, passion and commitment; you can use your talent to drive a better future for generations to come.


The reality

When you take the leap, you will be working in a unique setting combining two characteristics: highly dynamic start-up work environment and a huge focus on impact and values.

That means that you need to bring in a broad range of skills, be flexible in using them and that you, as a personality, will be permanently tested around your attitude and values. This is true, whether you’ll be the person starting the venture or joining one in a partner or employee position.

As you will not be an entrepreneur because of the fat pay check, you will need to be clear on your financial and lifestyle needs. You will need to reflect on your skills to understand where they provide most value. This sounds challenging but is feasible – see some profiles of Future Makers to get a dose of inspiration.


Everybody can play a part – you don’t need to be a leader to create a movement

For everyone inspired by Social Entrepreneurship, but feeling that the role of a founder or leader is not the right one for them, here comes a small contribution to the great followers of this world: Derek Sivers and his First Follower TED Talk

Success is more than just outcome; it is living your personal values and making a difference along the way.

Welcome to the journey.


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