Sometimes you just need the right tools to see your world through new eyes.

Success is more than just outcome, it’s living your personal values and making a difference along the way.
We help paint a picture of how yours might look. And how to get there – challenging behaviours and keeping you focused on your job needs, skills and core values.


Our Services

Executive Leadership Coaching

What? Systemic coaching sessions with the whole person and their various life areas in mind. We use selected methodologies incl. systemic constellations or Business Model You canvas and apply them based on your current needs.

Why? To help you become a more authentic leader and to live your values through your work.

Who? Our speciality is the work with experienced professionals and leaders who want a career with more positive, societal impact and wish to gain clarity, review their options across sectors, or simply live out dreams and be courageous.

When? You can book a brief review session, an intensive process or come less frequently over a longer period of time and use us as a sparring partner. Contact us below to book or discuss the right option for you.

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Career Confidence Workshop & Coaching

What? One-day workshop based on the bestselling book “Business Model You” and their canvas, a road map for where you are at right now, where you want to go and how to get there.

Why? We show you how it helps to plan your career, align your values and strengths and turn your ideas into actions.

Who? Experienced professionals and leaders optionally combined with individual follow up.

When? Book via our events page or contact us below to book an optional individual review follow-up session.

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Career Confidence Workbooks & Tools

What? A range of tools and workbooks for you to work through the main questions on your own, including mind maps of meaningful career options in various sectors or a workbook with key reflection question.

Why? A cost effective way to look at and map them transparently.

Who? Professionals preferring to explore options alone or in your own time.

When? Please contact us below to find out more.

Find out more or download our PDF information sheet for our Career Confidence Business Model Workshop.

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We have worked with numerous professionals to help them define their meaningful career. Here’s what they said about us.

I left Joanna’s workshop feeling energised to go ahead and create a work life guided by purpose and passion. Her provoking questions and carefully prepared assignments enabled me to gain greater clarity to what that might look like.

Next to that, I was encouraged by hearing the stories of the like-minded professionals in the group. Something special happens when you share your dreams with such a group – they suddenly do not become that far-fetched…

Young engineer & music lover looking at options for first permanent work position.

I came to plan a meaningful career and realised that what I want is a meaningful life.

Senior sustainability manager.

The Career Confidence workshop helped me to get one good overview of the many ideas I kept thinking about.