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Businesses need to reinvent to grow

Using our tools, experience and real life experience, we’ll accompany you to create bespoke business solutions underpinned by coaching and values, which grow impact, engagement and innovation.

Our Services

Responsible Corporate Leadership (RECOL) Forum

What? We initialised RECOL as an inter-company platform bringing together Heads of HR/Talent Development and Heads of CSR/Sustainability to discuss relevant issues in a small, intimate Circle.

Why? It is designed as an incubator and new companies are able to join.

How? Once a year we organise a larger conference, sharing the newest insights on the topic.

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Triple-impact Innovation Programmes

What? Custom-designed leadership development programmes adjusted to your organisation’s values, business challenges and groups of leaders that you wish to develop and retain.

Why? Engaged and aligned leaders are innovative leaders.

How? We combine practical, innovative methodologies in facilitation or business modelling, leading to better performance (business skills impact), train them in a  societal and inter-cultural context (social impact) and make sure the leader grows as a person (individual growth impact).

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Career Confidence Programme – Business Model You

What? One-day workshop plus individual coaching programme focused on building career confidence through value analysis and alignment.

Why? Build engaged teams by allowing employees and leaders to replace career uncertainty with career confidence by optimising the most important business model of all: Business Model You.

How? Offered regularly in open groups but can also be provided in-house and customised to the specific needs of your organisation.

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Intrapreneurship for Innovation

What? Working with your organisation to invest in leadership creativity and create internal entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs).

Why? Inspire and guide employees and leaders to take ownership of business goals, revenue streams and growing the organisation whilst aligning to values. We specialize in Impact/ Social Intrepreneurship where leaders develop both business and societal values.

How? We organise in-house inspirational sessions with examples of successful intrapreneurs, design and lead competitions and development programmes for high-potential intrapreneurs, align their work with the organisation’s objectives and coach them individually where appropriate.

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Joanna Hafenmayer is Managing Director of MyImpact and a systematic trainer and coach, experienced facilitator and moderator. She specialises in developing custom programmes and platforms for organisations to build responsible leaders and frameworks to grow intrapreneurship.

As an expert in these areas with a collaborative approach that values diversity, Joanna is also available to as a key-note speaker, to moderate or take part in panel discussions, to facilitate peer-to-peer and group coaching sessions and consult on social impact, intrapreneurship, responsible leadership and meaningful careers. Joanna is a mother-tongue German and Swiss-German speaker and fluent in English.

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