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5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Three. Pathway of Effect


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“If you want to change things you need to join an organisation that makes change its goal!” Thilo Bode

Following on from the Path of Talent and Path of Concern, we move on this week to our third pathway to a meaningful career – the Path of Effect.

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5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Two. Pathway of Talent


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“Very few people can actually treat an adult as an adult.  I treat everyone in my company as an adult.” Charles Maisel

Following on from our first post, Pathway of Concern, today we’re going to take a look at the Pathway of Talent.

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5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part One. Pathway of Concern


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“I think the hardest and most challenging thing for an entrepreneur is to find the inner strength to keep going, the belief that the goal is possible.” Karen Tse

As we talked about in How to find a Meaningful Career, pursuing a meaningful career is a lot about aligning your head and heart and putting that to action through your work.


So, what can guide you and pull you on this journey?

And, what can be the driving motivation when challenges arise and light that keeps you going in the hard times?

We’ve spent a lot of time researching this over the last few years; through our work on The Future Makers book and the stories on our online portal,

Based on close to 300 in-depth conversations, we’ve identified five paths that people tend to follow when deciding to shape their careers with positive impact.

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3 steps to finding out what really matters to you in 2014

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To say that we live in turbulent times, would be an extreme understatement. Among the sea of big and small happenings – what is truly relevant for each of us?

What can we plan and where do we need to go with the flow?

Where can we have real, positive impact and where do we just get distracted and seduced?

When waters are stormy, questions come up.


What matters really?

Often, the answer is not as complex as it seems. 

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How to Find a Meaningful Career


Meaningful —adjective

full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value; purposeful; significant: a meaningful wink; a meaningful choice.

What is a meaningful career?

It’s many and different things to each and every person.  The true definition of meaning is finding value in something, having and pursuing a purpose, something that you truly care about. Some people find that meaning in their hobbies, family life or in societal engagement in their free time. Others expect that deeper meaning to be inbuilt in their careers.

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Understanding Social Intrapreneurs and their impact on the future of business


Joanna Hafenmayer speaking at Social Intrapreneurs Workshop at Impact HUB Zurich, supported by Accenture and Syngenta

Joanna Hafenmayer speaking at MyImpact’s Social Intrapreneurs Workshop held on 5. November at Impact HUB Zurich, supported by Accenture and Syngenta


Social Intrapreneurs have been around for a while – but we don’t really understand the term yet – it’s not even in the dictionary.  So who are they really?


Magicians? Visionaries? Do-gooders? Just smart business people?

I guess they are all of the above and more.

Wikipedia and The Aspen Institute describe them as ‘business innovators who integrate profitability and social values while working inside major organisations’, going on to say ‘they understand the interdependency of business success and the long-term health of society and find opportunities to drive both’.

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