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A behavioral economist’s model of responsible leadership: Guest Post by Gerhard Fehr, RECOL 2014

Following our RECOL Forum guest post by Dr Katrin Muff, we are delighted to welcome Gerhard Fehr, CEO FehrAdvice & Partners AG.  Gerhard discussed ‘The right incentives for balancing short- and long-term behaviour of leaders’ at the Forum.

Today he reflects on his discussion in line with Katrin Muff’s Four Dimensions of Responsible Leadership model, developed as part of the 50+20 Vision.


A behavioral economist’s model of responsible leadership – Gerhard Fehr

Responsible leadership is about making business decisions that, aside from the interests of the shareholders, also take all the other stakeholders, such as workers, clients, suppliers, the environment, the community, and future generations into account. (source: RECOL Circle)

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Building Responsible Leaders in Switzerland: RECOL 2014




What really shifts leadership behaviour to embrace responsibility?

Close to 30 participants from 15 companies were looking to answer that on 24. April in Zurich, at the second annual RECOL Forum hosted by RECOL Circle, supported by Credit Suisse & Swisscom and initiated by MyImpact.

As an incubator of organisational change, RECOL aims to develop responsible corporate leadership as core to business, within business.  But what does that mean in practice?  Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska looked to demystify as an opening session.  It’s all about decision making.

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Seeing through the jungle of Responsible Leadership




The topic of “Responsible Leadership” is becoming more and more common across the global corporate community.  But it comes in many different guises; responsibility, employee engagement, CSR, resilience, compliance or similar.  Of course, it is a label and labels are there to serve a purpose: to help categorise or understand.


What is Responsible Leadership in your organisation?

Whatever the label in your organisation, Responsible Leadership is starting to stir.  It’s growing through different channels (labelled or not) and is front of mind for many leaders.  

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Branson & Zeitz’s B TEAM: The true future of responsible leadership in corporations?

Future of leadership


Everyone is familiar with Plan A – how we do things now in business.

What about Plan B?

Initiated by these two respected and authoritative global leaders, The B TEAM brings together 14 leaders from around the world to drive transformational change in the business sector.  Their aim?

To show long-term business success can be only built from prioritising people and planet over profit.

Some say, it’s nothing new and just a billionaires’ club pretending to do good, others admire their courage and promise support.  The first real difference is their pledge – that everything they do will come from inside their corporations, including Unilever, Natura, Tata and Kering.

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