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Business Model You® *

Business Model You® *


A Business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers, and captures value.  In most cases, it’s the result of a conscious process of designing a long-lasting organisation.

When it comes to our professional life, our plan is often the result of coincidences, or just a matter of “finding the next job”.  But what if we thought about our careers in a more careful and structured way?


What does your personal business model look like?

The Business Model You® canvas is a very helpful tool to do just that and we have been using it specifically with professionals in the context of meaningful careers.

The Canvas is based on the book  ‘Business Model You‘ by Tim Clark, using Business Model Canvas for personal growth and personal business models.  Tim Clark was part of the Business Model Generation book team with Alexander Osterwalder.

‘Business Model You’ was published in 2012 and soon became an international bestseller.  Up to now,  it’s been translated into 13 languages.  It makes use of the Business Model Canvas for reinventing careers and helps to adapt skills to the changing needs of the marketplace to reveal new, more satisfying, career and life possibilities.


Business Model You for Meaningful Careers

Following a Master Class with Tim Clark and some self- development, we’ve been using the canvas in personal coaching session with professionals wishing to have a societal impact at work. It has proven to be a very helpful tool when:

  • Identifying your professional key assets
  • Getting clarity on who you really want to help with your work and how
  • Expanding the options beyond the obvious ones
  • Seeing through a path for the future beyond the next step
  • Testing and comparing different employment options, including: Self-employment/social entrepreneurship, joining an NGO or other impact organisation, acting as a social intrapreneur in a corporation or designing a portfolio of projects to work on (see some options in our posts on Social Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Meaningful Careers).


What could it look like in a couple of years?

If you are thinking about a meaningful career, want to review your situation or are a part of company wishing to provide space for positive impact, here is what you can do.


Get Tim Clark’s book   or read the information sheet

Large parts are available free online, download the canvas template and start working

Ask us about 1:1 coaching sessions

You can get great insight in a 2hours-session, specifically focused and customized for meaningful/impact careers

Join the first Business Model You® Workshop for Meaningful Careers

This is a lot about innovation and innovation happens best when a group of well-informed and passionate people comes together


Pursuing a meaningful career is a lot about aligning your brain and heart and putting them to action through your work. It’s never too early or too late for that.



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