Business Model You: Find out what you really offer in the world of work (Guest Post)


MyImpact BM You Meaningful Careers


A guest post by Rebecca Wheatley, Owner at Five Brand Communication

Business Model You – the name makes sense when you really think about it.  The idea is that you treat yourself as you would treat a business project or offering you were working on. Look at your audience.

What you offer.  What you get in return.  Obvious?


It’s much harder when it comes to YOU.

When I signed up for MyImpact’s Business Model You for Meaningful Careers, I didn’t quite know what to expect.  It was a whole day, working on me.  Not something we people indulge ourselves in too often.

I knew I wanted to use my skills in communication design as a tool for societal change and I needed some space to work how I could maybe do that.

I envisaged a lot of thinking, a lot of hoping and some deep reflection.  I got a practical tool, an energetic session and a tangible plan.  All you really need to take on the next important stages of your professional life.


Do. Don’t think.

Even now, I’m not sure how Joanna, Founder of MyImpact, managed to keep us going all day – and on time.  There was a lot to get through, but never too much time to think.  That’s a good thing.  I spend far too much time doing that already and it doesn’t always serve its purpose.

We started the day looking at an actual well-known business model, harder than it sounds, but it really helped me to understand how hard it is to map where something fits.  Who wants it, why, and if you can even offer it.

That was the most difficult part.  Once we got onto ourselves, we were more familiar with the tool and how it applies to us as people, as much as to an organisation.


Making a plan.

We all have goals.  Ideas, passions and restrictions.  When I looked at where I truly am now and where I want to go, it became obvious that I needed some tangible actions to get there.

It also became obvious what was draining me.  Where my deliverables were out-weighing my values or preferences and what I could do to change that. My energy is a precious resource and I was spending too much of it on things that weren’t bringing enough return.  Taking that as a key factor in my business decision making made complete sense.

More so, I saw that I had come a lot further than I thought. My business model was already half-way there. All I needed was the time and structure to see where I needed to go next.  That’s empowering.


The future is a scary place.

It’s a die-hard habit to look toward the future and quickly shrink backwards.  Looking at our ‘dream’ model was a bit like taking a crystal ball and seeing what’s to come.

When your dreams are placed in a framework that really makes sense to the rational mind, it’s difficult to hide behind the idea of fluffy clouds and Luftschlösser.

The interesting part is that when you take one or two things you can start to do differently now, you can soon see that the castles are built from stone.

The future doesn’t look that scary anymore.  It looks bright.


BM You Workshops

Business Model You for Meaningful Careers focuses on using the Business Model You canvas to help individuals define their career goals, in line with where they are now and what they want out of their work.

It combines a values-based approach where people seek more meaning in their work, and a tangible process to help them see blockers and changes they can make to get there.

The sessions are run by MyImpact in English and German.

Sign up here for the next session (German) on 25th April, in Zurich.


Our guest author, Rebecca Wheatley, is an English communication design professional, with a vision to create opportunities, grow communities and help re-balance society through her talent.  She is owner of Five Brand Communication and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.



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