Great companies need to re-invent constantly to thrive. So do people.

True success comes with the courage to re-examine old beliefs and find new perspectives.


About Joanna Stefanska (former Hafenmayer)

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Joanna is the founder and Managing Director of ‘MyImpact’ with a vision to create a space in authentic leadership development where exceptional people see careers through new eyes – improving quality of life for all.

She grew up near Bern, Switzerland and studied Business Administration at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland as well as International Relations and is a certified systemic leadership coach and trainer.

Joanna is a First Mover Fellow of the Aspen Institute, for which she was selected as an exceptional business innovator and author of “The Future Makers – A Journey to People who are Changing the World – and what we can learn from them”.

Working with customers across various sectors such as Credit Suisse, Novartis, Swisscom and LGT, Joanna has focused on building Responsible Leadership frameworks within the RECOL Circle and beyond and fostering intrapreneurship as an innovation tool.

She worked for several years within public and private organisations, most recently as Sustainability Lead on Microsoft Switzerland’s executive board, where she founded the Responsible Corporate Leadership Forum (RECOL), a  collaboration platform to drive  responsible leadership development.

As part of Öbu, the Swiss Think Tank for Business and Sustainability, Joanna has helped refocus the Organisation´s strategy and pioneered its work on the novel and curageous ThinkPact. Through MyImpact, Joanna has run Business Model Innovation workshops with companies, associations and foundations and has spoken at several conferences.

She works in both her mother-tongue German (incl. Swiss German) and in fluent business English and runs sessions in both languages. Joanna also works with trusted partners who share similar values to deliver comprehensive solutions.

You can connect with Joanna directly on  Linked In, Xing and Twitter and read her views and experiences on the MyImpact Blog.


There’s a field, where conscious professionals and mindful organisations meet and real innovation happens…

See you there.


Our Values

Valuing people, environment, social structures and our passion for their potential. Always seeing the need to solve problems through our work and investing in projects and initiatives that realise the beauty of life, encouraging creativity, innovation and wellbeing.

Putting ourselves in the spotlight to create positive change by showing what was, what is and what is possible. Accepting exposure our openness brings and showing the way to others through sharing our knowledge and experience.

Being true to ourselves and others. Always living and doing business through our values. Realising that life is complex and so is business, but positive outcomes for all are deep rooted in being authentic and purposeful.

Everyone is different and every organisation is unique. We want to be good company on your journey to create impactful careers and opportunities, whoever you are. We respect and work with your individuality, so we’re there in the way you need us to be.