5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Two. Pathway of Talent


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“Very few people can actually treat an adult as an adult.  I treat everyone in my company as an adult.” Charles Maisel

Following on from our first post, Pathway of Concern, today we’re going to take a look at the Pathway of Talent.


Pathway Two: Path of Talent





The path of talent concentrates on your capacities; on you as a gifted individual who can use his or her talent in a positive way.

These types of considerations resulted in several of our interview partners taking new positions in their organisations and enterprises, or even creating new positions.

Others founded their own organisations in order to fully capitalise on their talent and potential.


Charles Maisel

Charles Maisel has been gifted with the skill of recognising social problems and developing adequate ways to solve them.

He likes leaving daily management issues up to people he can trust, while he fully invests in what he is best at: recognising problems and coming up with solutions.

That’s exactly what has done at Men at the Side of the Road (MSR) in Cape Town, South Africa; giving the 50,000 day labourers who suffered from poor treatment, conditions and pay a voice in society.  Helping them to be organised and to help each other.

He used his talent for listening – to adults, as adults; their problems, their views – for understanding and developing a solution.

You can read more about Charles’ story in The Future Makers Book.  The stories of Chris Eyre or Dr. V are inspiring examples of this path, as is Alexander Barkawi, whose story can be read on The Future Makers portal.


Identifying your talents – the right questions to ask

  • What special abilities and talents do I have?
  • What experience and networks do I bring to the table? What can I build on?
  • What have I always been especially good at – back then and today?
  • In what areas would my skills be particularly useful?
  • Which solutions could benefit from my abilities?

If you don’t see yourself on this path, look out for our next posts covering the paths of effect, values and passion over the coming weeks.


More on pathways to a meaningful career

We’ll be sharing other stories from the path of talent on TwitterFacebook and Linked In, via The Future Makers portal, throughout February.

The Future Makers/ Die Zukunftsmacher book, by Joanna Stefenska Hafenmayer and Wolfgang Hafenmayer is available from Amazon in both English and German.

Watch out for Part Three: Pathway of Effect in the third week of February…


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