5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Three. Pathway of Effect


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“If you want to change things you need to join an organisation that makes change its goal!” Thilo Bode

Following on from the Path of Talent and Path of Concern, we move on this week to our third pathway to a meaningful career – the Path of Effect.


Pathway Three: Path of Effect





At the starting point of this path you consider different problems in your surroundings or on a more global scale.   And with a set of problems in mind, you concentrate your energy on finding the most effective way to improve the situation.

Among our interviewees were impressive people that took a very systematic approach to this search. They pondered diligently what they consider to be the greatest problems and challenges on earth and what the most effective solutions to these problems are.

Then they did what they could to move things in the right direction.


Thilo Bode

Thilo Bode tried out different approaches on his route to find the most effective solution to the world’s biggest problems.

Today he thinks that the greatest effect is reached, when the interests of individual citizens are combined.   To realise this effect, he founded his own organisation: Foodwatch.

Foodwatch made change its goal and uses the power of the people to realise that change; creating a democracy for and by the people by maintaining a strict distance from large corporations and interests that hinder progress.

Thilo looked at the real problems and real solutions, not traditional routes of ‘doing things’.  He saw the most effective path and followed it.

You can read Thilo’s inspiring story here.


Identifying effect – the right questions to ask

  • Where do I see the biggest challenges for humanity or my environment?
  • What would be the most effective way of meeting these challenges?
  • What are the most important switches that need to be operated or changes that need to be made, in order for this to be successful?
  • How can I help bringing these switches in the right position?

People who also took this path are Amory Lovins and Maria Emilia Correa.  You can read more about them in The Future Makers book.

More on pathways to a meaningful career

We’ll be sharing other stories from the path of effect on TwitterFacebook and Linked In, via The Future Makers portal, throughout the coming two weeks.

The Future Makers/ Die Zukunftsmacher book, by Joanna Stefenska Hafenmayer and Wolfgang Hafenmayer is available from Amazon in both English and German.

Watch out for Part Four: Pathway of Values in the second week of March …


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  1. The 5 Pathways Model is an excellent framework for personal and professional development. It is a great tool to help one think through the many possibilities. Many thanks for sharing!

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