5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Four. Pathway of Values


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“My vision gave me the necessary inner strength.  I wouldn’t have been able to do anything else because I would have felt like a dead person walking if I had renounced my life calling.” Mariana Galarza

The paths of concern, talent and effect [links] are all pretty tangible driving forces to follow.  As we have said in previous posts, any path to a meaningful career needs the right combination of head and heart.

When it comes to our fourth path – the path of values – we are looking at something much deeper to our core.  Our values come into everything we do and how we do it, but sometimes they are so strong, they define first and foremost what we do.


Pathway Four: Path of Values





Some people chose their profession because they were driven by their values and strong ideals. However, these all too often moved out of sight over time. It’s easy to forget why you began something, when you are caught up in doing it.

Some of our interview partners realised this.  The felt something wasn’t right, the reason they began on a journey or career had been forgotten.  So, they returned to these values and ideas after many years of work.

Once they noticed that their current job had little to do with their original motivation or attitude, they changed their job environment.


Mariana Galarza

Mariana Galarza is such an example: fascinated with the life stories of great doctors, she wanted to be a medical practitioner herself.

But during her studies she recognised that the medical discipline was mostly concerned with sick people, and not with the conservation of health and well-being.

Mariana turned this unbearable situation into something positive, by founding her own organization in her home Ecuador and initiating a change of paradigms to promote health, not cure illness.

You can read Mariana’s heartfelt story in The Future Makers book.


Identifying your values – the right questions to ask

  • Which values and ideals were important to me when I chose my profession?
  • What values am I missing in my current work?
  • Are there areas or organisations that coincide with my ethical beliefs?

Florian Krämer and Ashok Khosla also chose the path of values.


More on pathways to a meaningful career

We’ll be sharing other stories from the path of values on TwitterFacebook and Linked In, via The Future Makers portal, through March.

The Future Makers/ Die Zukunftsmacher book, by Joanna Stefenska Hafenmayer and Wolfgang Hafenmayer is available from Amazon in both English and German.

Watch out for our final instalment – Part Five: Pathway of Passion in the last week of March …


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