5 Pathways to a Meaningful Career : Part Five. Pathway of Passion


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 “The world is our museum” Mia Hanek

The Path of Passion is the final in our series and probably, initially, one of the most difficult to realise through work.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the other four paths: Concern, Talent, Effect and Values.


Pathway Five: Path of Passion





In essence, this path is concerned with the passion that perhaps became your profession– or perhaps didn’t, but should be part of your professional life.

Finding a way of (re-)uniting passion and profession is the key task on this path.

Doing what you love will always bring meaning to your work, it’s finding the things you’re are most passionate about and making it work for you that is the challenge.


Mia Hanak

A good example for this approach is Mia Hanak, who developed a passion for nature during long periods of travelling.

Later she combined this with her studies of art history and museum science – the Natural World Museum is an innovative result that depicts the challenges of environmental protection in a very vivid and inspiring way.

You can read Mia’s story here.


Identifying your passion – the right questions to ask

  • What have I always been very passionate about?
  • Did I have a professional option I didn’t choose, but that would have fitted better with my passion?
  • How could I have positive impact with my passion?
  • How could I combine my passion with my professional skills?
  • Can I integrate my passion into my job so that it makes sense? Or can I find other people or organisations I could get involved with professionally without leaving my passions behind?

Other people with whom you can find inspiration for this path are Inés Sanguinetti and Vicky Colbert de Arboleda.


Finding Your Own Path

As you have seen, many paths can lead to a career that has a positive impact. All our interviewees travelled these paths in their own individual way, often unconsciously.  What would a new sense-driven path look like for you?

Good luck and whatever you do, don’t ignore what you discover about yourself on the journey.


More on pathways to a meaningful career

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