3 steps to finding out what really matters to you in 2014

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To say that we live in turbulent times, would be an extreme understatement. Among the sea of big and small happenings – what is truly relevant for each of us?

What can we plan and where do we need to go with the flow?

Where can we have real, positive impact and where do we just get distracted and seduced?

When waters are stormy, questions come up.


What matters really?

Often, the answer is not as complex as it seems.  Think about what gives you stability and happiness.  The things in all areas of your life that give enough meaning, that they can be prioritised and taken care of – no matter what.

Once you are aware of this, you need to tender and care for it, to help it grow and blossom.  Then, it will make you happy in return.

While doing my own reflection on 2013 and 2014, talking to friends and customers and thinking about meaningful work; three main questions came up that may be worth reflecting upon for everyone to help find these answers.


1.       What do you really want to achieve and what step will make the biggest difference?

Having a direction is a great start; maybe even have a clear sense of the goal.

Be as specific as you can, while still knowing that getting there will not be a straight line.

Then think about the one step that you can making in the coming year that will really make a difference.

Is what you think of aligned with your values, skills and interests? Will it help you become the person you want to be?


2.       Who are the people you want to be surrounded with?

Some people believe that you are the average of the people you surround yourself with.  Across all areas in life, including work, it is proven helpful to have people around you that help you nourish different parts of yourself.

Some that provide for that intellectual stimulation or great business opportunities, some that you learn from professionally and some that just make your heart smile a little every time they walk into the room.

Who do you spent time with?  With whom do you want to do more business and who do you not want to emulate?

Think of 5 people and give your best. Maybe keep one spot open for that unexpected ‘wildcard’ you may meet later in the year.


3.       To whom do you give?

The sense of meaning for most of us comes with the possibility to contribute to something bigger than ourselves – be it in private lives or at work.

Who are the lucky ones that benefit from the work you do, from your talents and skills? It could be a specific group of people, society in general or maybe the environment.

Is that appropriate compared to the possibilities or opportunities you have? And what is important to you.


Have impact in 2014

Maybe you already do very meaningful work and becoming more aware of it will give you a great start into a brand new year waiting to be filled with positive developments.  Or maybe your journey is just beginning.

The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.  Every person needs meaning in what they do at work or personally, it’s just a case of finding out what yours is.


You might find ‘How to Find a Meaningful Career’ and ‘Understanding Social Intrapreneurs…’ useful to read.  Enjoy!




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