We build responsible leadership teams to demonstrate identity and manœuvre change with confidence.

How? Through expert facilitation. We use innovative, impactful methodologies and outcome focused solutions – with multiple benefits for individuals, organisations and society.



Our Vision


 Grow conscious leaders and mindful organisations through meaningful careers.

That’s the space where real innovation happens.


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Why Us?



We’ll help you and your organisation become more of who you truly are – no pretending

Real Results

What we do will be tangible – for your brain and heart, using state-of-the-art tools

Empathetic Tenacity

We make sure you get there – on your terms, in your speed

Appreciative Company

You know what it really takes – we facilitate the process and are a reliable “Begleiter”

Long-term Impact

We help you develop sustainably

Our Services


Business model facilitation for teams & individuals

Responsible leadership development programmes, platforms & advisory

Building intrapreneurship: Innovation for impact

Individual executive leadership coaching for career confidence


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The Future Makers Book

The Future Makers

Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs.

Future Makers are real people, with real stories of inspirational career pathways from around the world. Read more about our Future Makers